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Save your time to learn building complicated web store. Install MyCart pre-built shopping cart features on your Facebook Page Inbox and seamlessly convert dialogue to sales!

Conversational eCommerce

Tailored for Online Business

Less Friction

Higher Conversion

Your customers can be automatically opt-in to your online shop by clicking or commenting on your Facebook posts, where they continue to view, add products to cart, make purchases, and process online payment all from within the chat.

Automation Capturing Sales

at the Most Suitable Time

Automation with personalized messages or incentives grasps every golden opportunity for sales conversion. Publish your product promotional post from MyCart and leave the repetitive & daunting tasks to us.

Seamless Integration with

Facebook Shop

Connect your Facebook shop and generate unlimited traffic with the Facebook post comment auto-responder, 1-click-publish product to Facebook page, product catalog sync and Dynamic Product Ads. 

75% of website visitors do not return

Re-engage them with Dialogue

Live chat with customers

Keep customers engaged and can increase purchase conversion rate by a whopping 230%

Add to Cart is "Message Me"

Adding anything to the cart will bring the visitor into your Page Inbox. You will never miss out the buying signal! 

Personalized messages

MyCart helps you closing the deal by re-engaging your customers, like sending a small discount code.

3x higher conversion rate than web-based store

Some call it conversational eCommerce (or the chatbot revolution). Others refer to it as marketing automation for Messenger. Our customers, however, call it wildly effective. And, at 80% open rates, 35% click-through rates and an average of $5 earned for every recipient messaged… we really can’t argue with them.

Customers can browse products on the web storefront or your Facebook page, checkout and pay in your Facebook Messenger and obtain email receipts etc.  Everything happens in just a dialogue!

Transform your chatroom into a Showroom

Engaged with your customer and they are more likely to buy

Bringing back the Human Touch

The conversational style compensates for the lack of personalization and warmth in most of the online shopping experience.

Increase Sales and Customer Loyalty

Chatting with your customers and assist them in real-time during the conversation, thereby increasing customer trust and affection, and thus improving sales opportunities.

Turn your inbox into a CRM system

MyCart captures every detail on every transaction. Use tags to segregate customer groups and sales orders. Send direct messages forupdates and reminders in batch.

Our Plans Include

Gain Traffic from Marketplace

1-click-publish your products to the MyCart’s Marketplace and gain organic traffic to your shop

Facebook Post's Comments Autoresponder

Instantly send product details with the private message and reply to every new comment


Automated Promo & Follow-up

Send promotional messages based on the different browsing behaviors of the customers and grasps every golden opportunity for sales conversion.

Multi-Payment and Logistics Services

Choose from a variety of payment and shipping options including domestic and foreign credit cards, ATM transfer, cash-on-delivery and many more.

Create Discount Codes

Offer your customers a fixed value or percentage discount on selected products.

Order and Inventory Management System

Check out real-time status of every order and view important metrics of your sales. Track your store performance anytime, on your mobile device.

Integrate with Facebook Catalog

Auto-sync MyCart product details to Facebook shop catalog and launch Dynamic Product Ads easily. 

Online Resources & Customer Support

Complete guide to teaching you set up and run your store. Get online support from our dedicated Customer Success team anytime!

Successful Clients Run on MyCart


Anytime Watch is a well-established watch retail brand with stores distributed all over Hong Kong. With MyCart, Anytime Watch successfully generate additional sales volume by integrating the online and offline store by driving omnichannel marketing.

JE Handcrafts

A small local handcraft studio specializes in gifts engraving. With the help of MyCart, the order handling capacity increased 3-fold immediately as the ordering process is streamlined and automated, allowing the team to spend their time on crafting exceptional quality products.

Korea Top Store

KTS is a skincare retail store specializes in selling various types of beauty products. Since the epidemic, they have focused on developing online promotions and sales to open up more customers. Hundreds of products in the store are easily integrated into the Facebook store via MyCart, bringing business through Facebook ads and live streams.

Worker Playground

An original clothing local brand, named after the emotion that evokes collective memories of Macau people. It regularly launches popular designs that arouse public attention. The brand focuses on interaction with fans, and through MyCart’s conversational eCommerce, it gives customers more engagement and enhances loyalty.

Neighbor Store

Neighbor Store searches seasonal food everywhere to satisfy the taste buds of customers who love freshness! Since the using of MyCart automated shopping cart, customers were impressed by the conveniences it has brought. Especially after the staff is off work, customers can place orders by themselves, and then arrange pickup on next day. Not letting go any sales opportunities.

Tat On Chinese Pharmacy

Traditional Chinese medicine stores that specialize in local business have published popular products such as health soups, home-made herbal teas, and instant supplements online, and brought them to more people through online advertisements. It also launches preferential treatments according to the season to open up the more market.


Urbaner decided not to spend time and effort to learn how to build a complicated online web store. The time saved has been invested in setting up a successful marketing campaign with the help of MyCart’s promotional features together with the Facebook advertisement integration.

GMF Sports Academy

GMF Sports Academy is the only authorized service provider for NIKE sports training courses. By using MyCart, members can order sportswear and class equipment online, as well as respond to inquiries from the parents.

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